In recent years the Sacra has received special generous attention, and support from public and private institutions. Government agencies have always played their part in the conservation and enhancement of the monument throught conducting specific studies, and above all by scheduling and providing the necessary restoration work via appropriate State bodies.

The Regional Goverment has been able to take care of the Sacra only recently and is doing so in a decisive and positive way through the provision of grants, especially following regional law no. 64 dated 21/12/1994 that adopted the Sacra di San Michele as the Monumental symbol of Piedmont.

Among the most important actions have been: the complete renovation of the roof of the church and of the old monastery; the restoration of the Portal of the Zodiac, restoration of panels and canvases; the conservation of the Sepulchre of the Monks, the old guest quarters and the flying buttresses. In addition to these projects, the Sacra has re-established activities and initiatives reflecting its religious and cultural patrimony:

  • the liturgical-religious care of the ancient sanctuary of the Archangel Michael;
  • an annual convention since 1992 with publication of proceedings;
  • a great number of concerts in the basilica, during the months of May, June and September, with special guided tours of the old monastery;
  • an increasingly comprehensive service of accompanying, guiding and receiving of visitors, with training courses run by the Volunteers Association of the Sacra;
  • the reorganization and enrichment of the library, with relevant cataloguing of all books.


Here are some milestones in our recent history:

  • the tour-pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II, on July 14 1991;
  • the exterior lighting of the whole complex, inaugurated on the night of 24 September 1994;
  • regional decree no. 64 dated 21/12/1994, which adopted the Sacra di San Michele as the monumental symbol of Piedmont;
  • the agreement between the Piedmont Region and the Rosminians Fathers of 1995, which delineates and guarantees, through the presence of Rosminans, the broad tasks of custodianship, maintenance, safety conservation, cultural promotion and accessibility of the Sacra;
  • The major project regarding security and conservation of the Sacra, included in the plan of action for the Great Jubilee of 2000, with the construction of 3 lifts that provide access to the abbey church for people with disabilities;
  • the construction and installation of a large statue of St. Michael the Archangel, inaugurated on September 24, 2005.


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