In this section you will find the answers to the most frequent questions posed by visitors, the curious, the faithful, and enthusiasts of the Sacra di San Michele.

What clothing is advised?
We suggest clothing and footwear that is suitable for uneven and steep ground and steps. To enter the Church, you must have suitable clothing and your shoulders covered.

Are animals allowed inside the Sacra?
Per la sicurezza dei visitatori e per ragioni di conservazione del monumento, è consentito l’ingresso alla Sacra di San Michele soltanto ai cani da accompagnamento per persone diversamente abili e agli animali utilizzati per la pet therapy, previa presentazione di certificato medico.

Can I visit with a stroller or baby carriage for children and new-borns?
To transport children and new-borns, we suggest you use baby slings and backpacks. The lifts cannot be used for strollers and baby carriages.

Where do I park the car?
At 800 meters from the Sacra there is a municipal pay parking with an hourly rate of 15 / h for buses and cars € 2.50 for the first hour and € 2 for the following hours.

How much time do I need to visit the complex?
The estimated visit time is approximately 1h 30min., 45 min. of which is for visiting the inside of the monument.

Do I have to pay for a ticket to attend the Holy Mass?
No, for the faithful who wish to attend the Holy Mass on Sunday, access is free, upon collecting a ticket at the ticket office.

Are picnics allowed?
Yes, only outside the visitor’s path and in the green areas below the Sacra. It is forbidden to light fires and leave rubbish. It is essential to respect the nature and sacredness of the place.

If the weather is bad, can I still visit?
Yes, the Sacra is always open for visits.

Can people with mobility issues visit the Sacra?
Sì, anche le persone con difficoltà motorie possono accedere alla Sacra attraverso l’utilizzo di tre ascensori. Le aree visitabili sono limitate alla Chiesa e alle Rovine del Monastero Nuovo (50% del percorso di visita). Il servizio è gratuito e necessita l’accompagnamento di un nostro collaboratore, pertanto si consiglia di telefonare allo 011/939130 oppure di mandare una mail per ricevere maggiori informazioni. Il servizio di ascensori NON è disponibile dalle ore 12:30 alle 14:30.

Do you receive and host pilgrims and scouts?
No, at the moment we cannot host pilgrims and scout groups.


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