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Facilities and bus connection

Useful Info

  • Inside the abbey it is necessary to have adequate behavior and clothing.
  • The use of elevators for people with disabilities must be booked in advanced.
  • For infants and children, the use of baby carrier is recommended, as the use of lifts is not allowed for strollers.
  • The municipal car park located at Piazzale Croce Nera is subject to charges for cars and buses. Bus fare: € 10/h  Car fare: € 1.50/h
  • Eating place near the Abbey.

Avigliana – Sacra di San Michele Shuttle bus

Period: from 11th April to the 1st November 2020.
On Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and during all non-working days (Easter Monday, 25th April, 1st Mai, 2nd June, 15th August, 1st November)

Departure from Avigliana – Railway Station: 9.30 am, 11.00 am, 2.30 pm, 4.30 pm, 6.00 pm (duration: 45 minutes).
Stops: Corso Laghi (Piazza del Popolo), Corso Laghi (old town), Corso Laghi (tourism office), Camping, Frazione Mortera (Certosa 1515), Sacra di San Michele.
Return from Sacra di San Michele: 10.15 am, 12.30 pm, 15.15 pm, 17.15 pm, 18.45 pm. (duration: 45 minutes).
Stops: Valgioie, Via Giaveno (Domus), Corso Laghi (tourism office), Corso Laghi (old town), Corso Laghi (Piazza del Popolo), Avigliana Railway Station.

Ticket price:
full price ticket: 5.00 € A/R
reduced-price ticket: 2.50 € A/R (children until 3 years and adults over 65)

Torino – Sacra di San Michele Shuttle bus

Available dates 2020: July 12-26; August 9-16-30; September 13-20-27.

Departure at 2.30 pm from Turin, Corso Bolzano 44, Porta Susa Station.
Arrival at the Sacra di San Michele at 3.30 pm.
Return from the Sacra at 5.30 pm.
Arrival at Turin at 6.30 pm.

Ticket price:
19,00 € per person, A/R.
Bookings at the following link: https://somewhere.it/prodotto/sacra-di-san-michele-shuttle-bus/

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