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Donations and Offers


The health emergency has put a strain on the whole world. Even the Sacra di San Michele is struggling to get up again.
For over 185 years, the Rosminian fathers have been the custodians and administrators of the Sacra di San Michele, a thousand-year-old abbey symbol of Piedmont Region. With their presence in this Sanctuary, they have contributed to its growth and maintenance, through the achievement of conservation projects and through cultural activities they promote the enhancement and protection, strengthening the religious and spiritual identity of the place.

The source of sustenance for the management and care of the abbey are you: our faithful, our pilgrims, and our visitors, who over the years have assisted in keeping the beauty of this monument intact. The closure, although necessary, of all activities, caused a sudden and unpredictable collapse of revenues, putting at risk the daily work and the daily life of the abbey.

Now more than ever, your help is significant: contribute and support us with an offer or donation.

Make your donation now!

By bank transfer on the account registered to Sacra di San Michele.
IBAN: IT 10 U 02008 30970 000008712912
Reason: “Contribution initiative Together for the Sacra”.
VAT: 08484460012.

To request the receipt of the donation and agree with the registration of your name in our register of
donors, write to: info@sacradisanmichele.com

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